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Leave your present and future plans in experienced and trusted hands -
Gulati Financial Group.

Retirement Planning

You don't have to be close to retirement age to plan for your own retirement. It's never too early to plan for your future. We will help set up the SEP's, the Keoghs, 401(k)'s or the IRA's.

Life Insurance

Whole Life, Term Life, Universal Life - The names are meaningless to most people. What's really important is what will be necessary to help provide you and your beneficiaries with financial protection.

Disability or Income Replacement Plans

What happens if you're away from your business or position for an extended period of time? Most disability claims result from sports injuries, back problems, medical disorders or plain stress. Will you be able to financially meet your business or family obligations? We can present you with a range of products.

Charitable Giving

Life Insurance and fixed annuity products can be used to provide Charitable organizations and foundations with financial support well into the future. There are ways to minimize the capital gains tax on highly appreciated assets. Our experience and association with well known professionals in this complex field may prove to be invaluable.

Employee Benefit and Pension Plans

Group benefits provide your employee with life, disability, medical and dental coverage. The cash flow and tax implications for both your company and your employees must be carefully considered. We do the research and help you implement the most effective approach.

Deferred Compensation and Pension Alternatives

For highly paid executives, we tailor programs which can supplement the normal retirement plan. We understand the needs of key people and show you how to attract and retain key employees.

Estate Planning and Asset Allocation Strategies

Our goal is to legally reduce Uncle Sam's share to the minimum. Passing on the estate implies many onerous and challenging issues. When is the right time? Who will be the successor? Is there enough liquidity in your estate? Your estate requires ongoing attention and updating so that it makes as much sense today and into the future. We are prepared to make a lifetime commitment to our clients. We can provide the vehicles to develop estate planning through life insurance and other financial products.

For more information about our firm and the services we offer, send us a quick email or call the office. We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you.   |  408-980-5100